Thursday 9 December 2010

Dénia reveals its charms

On 13th December, Dénia will be organising a traditional pilgrimage to the hermitage of Santa Lucía, where every year the Porrat is set up, a market selling traditional products and sweets.
Kill two birds with one stone and make the most of your stay in Dénia to discover its incredible monuments, beautiful coastline and, of course, sample its seafaring gastronomy. Why not begin by taking a trip down to its Castle, which has become the unmistakable symbol of the city.

But Dénia is much more: its incredible urban layout, the port, El Montgó Nature Park, its beaches and coves will become part of your culture. In the northern part of this city in the area of La Marina Alta you will find the beaches of Les Marines, Punta del Raset, Les Bovetes, Els Molins, L'Almadrava and Les Deveses. To the south, we find La Marineta Casiana followed by the rocky coves of Las Rotas.

From the area surrounding the Castle you can take in the incredible panoramic views of the city and, inside, you can see the tower known as the Torre del Consell, a Christian edifice where the town’s council would meet.


Monday 8 November 2010

BENIDORM Major Fiestas 2010 Programme

18:00 LIGHTING of the ARTISTIC ILLUMINATION, by our Queens, at Martínez Alejos Avenue.
Afterwards, INAUGURATION OF THE FAIRGROUND, next to the Bullring. Children´s day: special prices.
23:00 “PEÑAS” INFORMAL PARADE. Meeting of the “Peñas” at C/ Ruzafa. Parade around Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos streets. Afterwards, performance of the Great Orchestra GRUPO.ES, at Gambo street.
00:30 XVIII BLUES & BEATLES NIGHT at Tomás Ortuño Street (L´Hort de Colón). Performing :“LOS INSÓLITOS”.

10:00 MASS at the Church of San Jaime, in honour to the Virgin of the Suffrage, singed by the Barqueta Choir.
11:45 Opening of the doors at San Jaime Church, to sing the VERSES IN HONOUR TO THE VIRGIN.
12:00 BELL RINGING and spectacular "AIR BOMBING" from Plaza Castelar, Rincón de Loix, La Cala, Foietes and Ermita de Sanz to announce that… THE MAJOR FIESTAS HAVE BEGUN!
12:15 MUSIC BANDS PARADE starting from Plaza de San Jaime to finish at Plaza de SS. MM los Reyes de España.
13:00 MEETING OF MUSIC BANDS, at Plaza de SS. MM. los Reyes de España, to perform the piece "FIESTA IN BENIDORM".
17:30 Parade of the band “La Unión Musical de Benidorm”, around the Old Town streets.
18:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION leaving from Parque de Elche (Harbour) through the following streets: Paseo de la Carretera, Alameda, Mayor and Plaza de San Jaime. When the procession gets to the church, there will be a FLOWER OFFERING TO THE VIRGIN, followed by the ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FIESTAS at Plaza San Jaime.
22:30 Performance of Rafael Garcel, “Homage to Antonio Molina” at Plaza de SS. MM los Reyes de España.
24:00 BATUKADA NIGHT. Music Parade, around the the Old Town.
24:00 LOCAL ROCK BANDS FESTIVAL, with the performance of CAN-PINGAS and LOKOS DE ATAR, at Tomás Ortuño street (L´ Hort de Colón).
24:00 Performance of the Orchestra CHATTANOOGA, at Plaza de SS. MM los Reyes de España, with free tasting of “AMSTEL BEER”.

08:00 Air Bombing from Plaza Castelar and HOT COCOA for everyone at Casa del Fester…and from now on, ¡EVERY MORNING!.
11:00 CYCLING RACE, “Major Fiestas” Trophy, at the Av. Vicente Llorca Alós and surroundings (La Cala).
11:00 BIG CHILDREN PLAYPARKat Plaza SS.MM. Los Reyes de España.
11:30 SOLEMN MASS in honour of the Virgin, at the Church of San Jaime.
14:00 MARVELLOUS MASCLETA (super big banger) at Av. Mediterráneo, by Pirotecnia Altura.
19:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION IN HONOUR TO THE VIRGIN OF THE SUFFRAGE. Itinerary: Mayor, Alameda Pedro Zaragoza, Pintor Lozano, Virgen del Sufragio, Martínez Alejos, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz and Plaza de San Jaime. Afterwards “ESTAMPETA”.
23:00 Performance of CIRILO, presenting its album “FELIZ”, at Plaza SSMM los Reyes de España.
23:00 Traditional COPLETES singed to the Virgin of the Suffrage at Plaza de San Jaime, followed by the NIT D´ALBAES, around the Old Town.
24:00 Performance of the Orchestra LÍMITE, at Plaza de SS. MM los Reyes de España, with free tasting of “AMSTEL BEER”.
24:00 LOCAL ROCK BANDS FESTIVAL, with the performance of THE VICKYLEYTONES, THE HARRY SONS and DIRTY SURF, at Tomás Ortuño street (L´ Hort de Colón).
01:00 BIG “CORREFOC” (moving fire and sound show) leaving from Escuelas street and finishing at Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España.

11:00 BIG CHILDREN PLAYPARK and RONALD MCDONALDS performance at Plaza SSMM. Los Reyes de España.
11:30 SOLEMN MASS at San Jaime´s Church, in honour to Saint James.
14:00 GREAT MASCLETA (super big banger) at Av. Mediterráneo, by Pirotencia Altura.
17:00 CONCERT offered by “THE BIG BAND OF THE MUSICAL GROUP AD´LIBITUN”, at Gambo street.
19:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION IN HONOUR TO SAINT JAMES by the streets: Mayor, Alameda, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz and Plaza San Jaime. Afterwards ESTAMPETA.
24:00 SPECTACULAR CONCERT by HOMBRES G, in the Auditorium Julio Iglesias (Aigüera Park). Afterwards, BIG “BRUGAL” PARTY, at Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España, WITH Dj´S, fire throwers, gifts and free tasting of rum Brugal.
24:00 BIG SHOW by the ORQUESTA LA SELVA, at Tomás Ortuño street (L´Hort de Colón).

10:30 SOLEMN REQUIEM MASS at San Jaime Church, singed by the Church Choir. Afterwards, OFFERING OF FLOWER GARLANDS to the Dead in the Sea at Plaza de la Señoría, followed by a visit to the cemeteries.
11:00 BIG CHILDREN PLAYPARK at Plaza SSMM. Los Reyes de España.
13:00 SARDINES FOR EVERYONE at Ametlla de Mar Avenue (Rincón de Loix).
14:00 THUNDEROUS MASCLETÀ (super big banger) at Av. Mediterráneo by Pirotécnia Turís.
17:00 Concert of “BIG BAND DEL GRUPO LOS GAVILANES”, at Gambo street.
17:00 Children Show by CHARLY THE MAGICIAN, at Tomás Ortuño street (L´ Hort de Colón).
19:00 FUNNY COSTUMES PARADE. Itinerary: Venus, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos and Gambo. Afterwrds, tasting of a GIANT SPANISH POTATO OMELETTE.
23:00 WONDERFUL NOCTURNAL MASCLETÁ (fireworks and bangers), at Av. Mediterráneo, by Pirotecnia Turís.
23:30 Performance of the magnificent ORQUESTA LA TRIBU, at Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España, with free tasting of “AMSTEL BEER”.

11:00 BIG PLAYPARK at Plaza SS. MM los Reyes de España, followed by a CHILDREN´S MASCLETÁ.
11:00 FESTA DE LES FESTES. Parade around the town, of the different Fiestas Commitees, departing from Plaza Neptuno, Parque de Elche (Harbour) and Plaza de la Hispanidad to go to Plaza de SSMM Los Reyes de España.
17:30 FLOAT PARADE through the following streets: Parque de Elche, Almendros, Marte, Venus, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, Gambo and finishing at Plaza de la Hispanidad . Afterwards, MARVELLOUS FIREWORK DISPLAY at Poniente Beach (Harbour).


Friday 24 September 2010

Moors and Christians of Benidorm

From 29th of September to the 3rd of October
Guide of Acts

Saturday, 25th September:

19:00 h. Concentration at Plaza Neptuno, leaving towards Parque de l´Aigüera (Auditorium Oscar Esplà). ITINERARY (streets): Pl. Neptuno, Almendros, Paseo de la Carretera, Herrerías, Pl. SS.MM. los Reyes de España and Auditorium Oscar Esplà.

21:00 h. Auditorium Oscar Esplà:
  • Presentation of the Moorish Queen and the Christian King,
  • XVI Contest of Music Composition for Festivities “Villa de Benidorm”, played by “La Unión Musical de Benidorm”.
  • Announcement of the Festivities.
Wednesday 29th September:

23:00 h. Entrance Parade with the following ITINERARY (streets): Paseo Colón (Harbour), Paseo de la Carretera, Martínez Alejos, Gambo, finishing at the Castle.

Thursday, 30th September: MOORISH INVASION

22:00 h. At Levante Beach (opposite to Valencia street), the Christians will set their camp and, the Moors, will do the same near Plaza del Torrejó, from where they will leave to go to the christian camp, where there will be a BATTLE between them.

Friday, 1st October:

10:30 h. REVEILLE. ITINERARY (streets): Plaza Neptuno, Almendros, Paseo de la Carretera, Martínez Alejos, and Gambo.

Around 11:30 h. DELIVERY OF THE CITY KEYS, by the Major of Benidorm, to the Christian King.

18:00 h. MOORS EMBASSY. The Moorish King will urge the Christian troops to leave the Castle, but the Christians will not accept, so the war will be declared with the ALARDO (boasting with pop guns), that will take place in the streets Gambo, Plaza de la Hispanidad, Dr. Pérez Llorca, Martínez Alejos and that will finish at Gambo street, with the taking of the Castle, by the Moorish King.

19:00 h. CHRISTIAN EMBASSY. Now, the Christians are the ones to ask the Moors, to leave the Castle. ITINERARY (streets): the same as before. Afterwards, the RECONQUEST of the Castle, by the Christian troops, will take place.

Saturday, 2nd October:

10:00 h. REVEILLE. Plaza Neptuno, Almendros, Paseo de la Carretera, Martínez Alejos, and Gambo street.

19:30 h. “ENTRADA”. SPECTACULAR PARADE OF MOORS AND CHRISTIANS. ITINERARY(streets): Tomás Ortuño, Venus, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, Gambo and Plaza de la Hispanidad.

Sunday, 3rd October:

12:00 h. PARLEY, between the Prince of Kairuán and the Governor of the Castle so, once it is finished, the Prince and its troops will leave.

Around 12:30 h, GREAT FLOWER OFFERING TO SAN JAIME. ITINERARY (streets): Plaza de la Hispanidad, Gambo, Martínez Alejos, Alameda and Mayor street.

13:00 h. Solemn Mass, at San Jaime Church, singed by the Choir “La Barqueta of Benidorm”.

19:30 h. PARADE OF FLOATS. ITINERARY (streets): Tomás Ortuño, Venus, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, Gambo and Plaza de la Hispanidad.

Afterwards there will be a MAGNIFICENT “NOCTURNAL MASCLETÀ” (bangers sound show and fireworks), in the junction of Avenue Mediterráneo and Plaza de la Hispanidad.

IMPORTANT: The hours before mentioned are departing hours and they can be changed by the Organization.

Thursday 5 August 2010

El Castell de l’Olla is flooding Altea with light

On Saturday at midnight Altea will become a Mediterranean cultural hub. Thousands of people will be coming together by the beach or on board a boat to enjoy El Castell de L’Olla, a fascinating musical pyrotechnical display.

A unique occasion to enjoy this small paradise on the Costa Blanca and lose yourself in the charming streets of its historic quarter, admire its eight kilometres of coastline with unique beaches and coves, or sample its delicious gastronomy based around the star ingredients of rice and fish.

With a tradition that stretches back 24 years, this spectacle that combines different art forms has been becoming increasingly more famous among residents and visitors to the Region of Valencia.
The incorporation of new elements such as dance has increased its aesthetic appeal, making the Playa del Castell de L’Olla beach an idyllic place where it is impossible not to be seduced by a perfect composition of music, dance and fireworks.


Tuesday 15 June 2010

Benidorn promotion in London

Benidorm has actively participated in the latest edition of  'A Taste of Spain 2010', held in Regent Street, London. Along with the brands of Valencia and Costa Blanca, Benidorm has been present in three different information points throughout this central London street, with a four square meters stand, from 12 to 19 hours. The stand has distributed promotional material as 'Leisure', 'Routes Sierra Helada', 'Hotels', and the tourist map of the city.

Beside each one of these promotional items were three giant paellas at 14, at 15:30 and at 17 hours. Each tent set up for the three paellas included Benidorm logo on the security fences.

Throughout the pre-event promotion several actions were made, which included mentions of Benidorm, as published in a special page on Spanish holiday destinations accused in the 'Daily Telegraph'.

Source: Grupo Prensa y Noticias

Thursday 29 April 2010

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Thursday 15 April 2010

Benidorm takes a step towards being declared a tourist municipality

The Spanish Senate on Wednesday gave the green light for a modification of local tax laws which will allow Benidorm to be considered as a tourist municipality.

The Partido Popular proposal was presented by Agustín Almodóbar from Benidorm who had 127 votes in support thanks to the CiU and some senators from the Mixed Group.

There were 120 votes against the idea from the PSOE, PNV and others, while the Canary island group abstained.

To be considered as a tourist municipality a town has to have more than 20,000 population, and the number of second residence or tourist homes has to be greater than that of main residence.

There are currently 21 localities in Spain with the tourist distinction which allows for greater flexibility in shop opening hours and other areas.

Benidorm has been calculated to represent 4% of the total tourism of Spain.


Tuesday 30 March 2010

Benidorm Low Cost Festival

The Benidorm live concert scene will be enhanced this summer with an Indie music festival. Called the Low Cost Festival it will take place in the L'Aiguera park on Friday and Saturday, 23rd and 24th July.

It's hoped that the concert will be attractive to British visitors with the bulk of the Indie outfits, including headliners Placebo, being British based.

Tickets will cost 30 euros per day of the festival or a two-day ticket can be purchased for 45 euros.

Source: - Stephen White.

Longer Promenade for Levante Beach

The coastal authorities have started work on extending the promenade running by Benidorm's Levante beach along its final stretch. The end of the beach in Rincon de Loix is a rocky, eroded area that gives quite a scruffy appearance that is out of keeping with the rest of Levante.

The land will be levelled to make it flat, the wall alongside will be repaired and a hundred metre length of promenade with handrails, benches and waste bins will make for a pleasant stroll on balmy summer evenings.

Source: - Stephen White.

Benidorm to limit traffic access

A new pedestrian area will be established by July 1.
Benidorm is to limit traffic access to the historic town centre to just residents and the emergency services.

The Town Hall has decided to return to a project to pedestrianise the area of the Castle and the Calvari district, installing a system of number plate recognition cameras and traffic lights which will stop access for non-authorised vehicles.

The idea was first muted two years ago but now moves ahead, with July 1 the date by which it is hoped to be fully operational. Local Police will fine any vehicle which gains unauthorised access to the restricted area by ignoring the traffic lights.

Certain times will be allocated for loading and unloading vehicles to gain access, while tourists will be able to apply for permission in their countries of origin or once in Benidorm.


Tuesday 23 March 2010

Benidorm Concerts 2010

One of Latin America's hottest acts is on her way to Benidorm and another is being lined up by the town council.

Paulina Rubio, a chica from down Mexico way will play a concert in Benidorm Bull Ring on Friday 7th May. It starts at 23.00 and will cost from 20 euros upwards and she'll be promoting her new album 'Gran City Pop.'

Also on the cards, with negotiations at an advanced stage, is a performance by Colombian hottie, Shakira. She'll be shaking what she's got in August or September sometime at a venue as yet to be decided.

Source: - Stephen White.

Friday 5 March 2010

Terra Mitica Opens

Tomorrow marks the first day of Terra Mitica's 10th season in Benidorm. To celebrate it's big One -oh anniversary it will be open for an extra 51 days this year. As you probably know it's normally open at weekends and fiestas in the off season and open every day in the height of summer. Our calendar shows all the details of the park's opening days in 2010.

Visitors will also get to see new 'personalities' entertaining the crowds in the park with a 'tenth anniversary' theme and there'll be anniversary souvenirs on sale as well!

Source: - Stephen White.

High Speed Trains for Benidorm?

The proposed scheme to bring Spain's super fast AVE train from Madrid to Benidorm is gathering momentum. Politicians and officials met earlier this week to thrash out plans to put the station for the super train next to the tram stop at Terra Mitica. Here, it's close enough to the town centre without having to clear a way through the urban environment for new tracks to be laid.

Now the scheme must be approved by two different Government departments in Valencia and Madrid – and there is a 'good feeling' between the two – before finance can be approved and it given the go ahead.

If and when the AVE makes its trip from the capital to Benidorm, it will take a mere 2 hours to cover the long journey, making it more attractive than flying for those who want to go from city centre to city centre. And if you're on holiday in Benidorm, you could take a nice day trip to Madrid!

Source: - Stephen White.

Monday 1 March 2010

Longer Promenade for Levante Beach

The coastal authorities have started work on extending the promenade running by Benidorm's Levante beach along its final stretch. The end of the beach in Rincon de Loix is a rocky, eroded area that gives quite a scruffy appearance that is out of keeping with the rest of Levante.

The land will be levelled to make it flat, the wall alongside will be repaired and a hundred metre length of promenade with handrails, benches and waste bins will make for a pleasant stroll on balmy summer evenings.

Source: - Stephen White.

Thursday 21 January 2010

Benidorm - Bigger Beach for La Cala

Good news for visitors to La Cala at the western end of Benidorm's Poniente beach. Finestrat council, where La Cala is located, are at last able to demolish the Anfora building which has stood in ruins by the beach for years.

The building was started in the mid 60's and never finished. It actually stands on public coastal land and also blocks rights of way and has been an eyesore for all this time.

Now, after a long process of negotiation, the council have acquired the building and are going to demolish it. It all has to be done by hand for the first phase as the Anfora adjoins another building, after this the heavy machines will take over to finish the job.

Once it's gone the council would like to expand the beach making it more accessible for everyone.

Source: Stephen White (

Benidorm - Lying Low in Madrid

Madrid will see Benidorm in all its colourful glory this month at the Fitur International tourism fair being held there. The Benidorm stand at the fair will be constructed from 400 inflatable bright green, yellow, orange and blue lilos and will be 7 metres high!

To make it even more spectacular it'll be illuminated by fluorescent and halogen lights which will really show off the 19 stalls manned by representatives of the various sectors of the Benidorm tourist industry. It even has a cafe where visitors can relax during a busy day!

During the fair, which lasts from 20th to 24th of January, a group of actors in bathing costumes will defy the freezing temperatures in the main streets and squares of Madrid and give out 5000 lilos - they've all got Benidorm emblazoned across them - to further publicise our favourite holiday resort.

Source: Stephen White (

Benidorm Beaches - At Your Convenience

Relief is at hand as the mayor of Benidorm, Agustín Navarro, has revealed that the town's two big beaches Levante and Poniente, will have around 40 public toilets for the new season.

The council will convert 6 premises on the promenades of both beaches - 3 on each - for use as public conveniences and nappy changing stations. The work will be done by apprentices from the council's workshops and they'll be ready by Easter when the season starts in earnest.

Source: Stephen White (

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Free WiFi in our hotels

In Ona Sol Hotels we are trying to satisfy the requirements of our customers and we are proud for inform you that you can now enjoy of one of the most requested services you med us, free WiFi.

This service is available in Hotel Avenida ****, Hotel Los Dálmatas****, Hotel Port Denia*** and Hotel Bristol Park***.

We have been thinking of you and we have not only set up this service for the public areas of these hotels but we have gone beyond offering the WiFi connection even in the rooms.

For using it you only have to go at the front desk and ask for the WiFi ticket for the time you need. We will provide you user and password and you'll be able to surf on the web.

The next step is to continue installing this service in other hotels in the chain. We hope this new service will make your stay more pleasant in our hotels.

Source: Ona Sol Hotels

Thursday 7 January 2010

Magnum Photos exhibition in Benidorm

The Aula de Cultura CAM in Benidorm will be hosting "Un Mundo Compartido" until 31st January. This photographic exhibition shows the work of seven photographers attached to the renowned Magnum Photos agency. The images deal with such social topics as visual and auditory disability, autistic disorders, the education of the most underprivileged and the development of musical culture.

The exhibition is open to the public from 6pm to 9pm, Monday to Saturday and has arrived in Benidorm after visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Santander, Pamplona, Alicante and Elche. The photographers taking part include Martine Franck, Maya Goded, Alex Majoli, Susan Meiselas, Gueorgui Pinkhassov and Patrick Zachmann, who were invited by the Orange Foundation in 2007 to take photos of their different projects and activities to celebrate their twenty years of social commitment.