Monday 28 December 2009

A Theatrical Christmas in Benidorm

Nadal de Teatre offers a complete programme of performances that, for the first time, will be taking place in different areas of Benidorm. The Barcelona company Teatre Nu, which specialises in the creation of shows, will be performing "L'avi Ramón" on 26th December at the Town Assembly Hall of this town on the Costa Blanca.

On 27th December, Xarxa Teatre will be performing "Las nuevas aventuras de la bruixa Marruixa". These performances will be followed by the show "Franskestein el monstruito" by the group Teatro para Contar, on Monday 28th December at the CAM Cultural Centre. The puppet show "La niña que riega la albahaca", by the company Títeres de Mesa Teatrola, will be performed at this same Cultural Centre on 2nd January, and this year's programme will be completed with a musical band featuring 30 instruments, which will fill the districts of La Cala and El Rincón de Loix with sound.


Friday 30 October 2009

Programme for the 2009 Benidorm Fiesta Week!

Fri 6th
18.00, Avenida Martinez Alejos - Ceremony to switch on the iluminations.
23.00, Calle Rufaza - The Big "Penyas" Informal Parade followed by bursting 4000 balloons in the Plaza de los Carrascos and the 'Llapasa' fiesta in Calle Ricardo.
00.30, Plaza de la Constitucion - Blues and Beatles night with Los Insolitos and Against the Odds.

Sat 7th
10:00, MASS at the Church of San Jaime, in honour to the Virgin of the Suffrage, singed by the Barqueta Choir.
11:45, Opening of the doors at San Jaime Church to sing the VERSES IN HONOUR TO THE VIRGIN.
12:00, BELL RINGING followed by a spectacular "AIR BOMBING" from Plaza Castelar, to announce that... THE MAJOR FIESTAS HAVE BEGUN!
MEETING OF MUSIC BANDS in Plaza de SS. MM. los Reyes de España, to perform the piece "FIESTA IN BENIDORM".
17.00, Poniente Beach - Theatrical Performance of the discovery of the Virgin.
18.00, Elche Dove Park - Romeria Procession. When the procession gets to the church there will be a FLOWER OFFERING TO THE VIRGIN followed by the ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FIESTAS at Plaza San Jaime. Afterwards there will be a BIG FIREWORK DISPLAY.
23.00, Plaza Neptuno - Concert by Revival
24.00, Paseo Colon - 'Correfoc' (moving fire and sound show ) fireworks parade round the old town.
24.00, Plaza de los Carrascos - Concert with Jose Bunueco.
24.00, Calle Rufaza (Bar Bahia) - Cuban Fiesta.
24.00, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Live music followed by a 'street battle'.
24.00, Plaza de la Constitucion - Rock Bands festival.
00.30, Calle Moli (La Teteria) - Concert by Felisinponme3cajas.

Sun 8th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call (DESPERTÁ).
11:00, CYCLING RACE at the Av. Vicente Llorca Alós and surroundings (La Cala).
11:30, SOLEMN MASS in honour of the Virgin, at the Church of San Jaime, singed by "Camerata Aitana".
12:00, Children playground in Plaza SS.MM. Los Reyes de España.
14.00, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks (MASCLETÁ).
14.00, Calle Asuncion - Giant Paella.
17.15, Calle Gambo - Concert by the Union Musical de Benidorm.
19.00, Calle Mayor - Solemn Procession to the Plaza San Jaime.
23.00, Plaza de la Constitucion - Live British band.
23.55, Plaza de los Carrascos - Drag Queen Night.
24.00, Calle Gambo - Concert with Owix.
24.00, Calle Asuncion - Beer festival.
24.00, Calle Condestable Zaragoza - 70's Fiesta.
00.30, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Hip Hop festival.
01.00, Calle Asuncion - Dabadaba Fiesta, 60's, 70's, 80's music and fancy dress.
03.00, Calle Asuncion - Beer tournament.

Mon 9th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call (DESPERTÁ).
11:00, Ronald McDonalds performance at Plaza de la Hispanidad.
11:30, SOLEMN MASS at San Jaime´s Church, in honour to Saint James.
12.00, Avenida Bilbao - Stunt motorcycling.
12.30, Avenida Ametlla de Mar - Sardines for all.
14.00, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks (MASCLETÁ).
18.00, Calle Moli - Tapersex 'erotic' party.
19.00, Calle Mayor - Solemn Procession to the Plaza San Jaime.
23.00, Plaza Neptuno - Concert by Revival.
23.30, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks and bangers.
24.00, Via Emilio Ortuno - 25th Anniversary party.
24.00, Calle Gambo - Live music.
24.00, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Flower Power festival. Afterwards BIG "CORREFOC" (moving fire and sound show ) by "ESCURA ELS PLATS", going through the Old Town streets to Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España.

Tue 10th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call.
10:30, SOLEMN REQUIEM MASS at San Jaime Church singed by the Church Choir. Afterwards OFFERING OF FLOWER GARLANDS to the Dead in the Sea at Plaza de la Señoría.
12.30, La Cala - sardines for all.
14.00, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks (MASCLETÁ).
16.30, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Kids' parade (and chocolate for all).
17.00, Town Hall Square - Big Band concert.
19.00, Plaza Neptuno - Fancy Dress parade to the Plaza de la Hispanidad.
23.00, Plaza Neptuno - Live music
24.00, Town Hall Square - Concert by La Madre que los Pario.

Wed 11th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call.
11.00, Town Hall Square - Kids' day with games and performances.
11.00, Plaza Neptuno - Parade around town to the town hall.
18.00, Elche Dove Park - The Big Parade to the Plaza de la Hispanidad followed by the marvellous main fireworks display on Poniente Beach.

Source: / Ona Sol Hotels

Benidorm Fiesta Week

Every year the Benidorm Fiestas are celebrated in November beginning the Friday of the 2nd weekend until the following Wednesday, culminating in a HUGE firework display (In 2009 they begin on Friday 6th).

Officially it’s a celebration honoring the La Virgen del Sufrage and Jaime Apostol, the Patron Saints of Benidorm. The fiesta lasts for 6 days and there is something for everybody from football, live music and fishing competitions to cultural events and religious processions. One particular procession is memorable: a huge flower- filled parade with carriages and costumes through the streets of Benidorm.

The statue of the Virgin is dressed in a golden and blue period costume and carried in procession to the plaza in front of the church of San Jaime.

The streets are decorated with huge flower bouquets and special flower walls are built. There is music everywhere. Street musicians, big brass bands, rock music and classical concerts, midnight Music Concerts in the Large Auditorium in Aigüera Park.
Outdoor theatres in the streets with plays, variety acts, Childrens parties. Puppet shows. Clowns - Flowers - Fireworks - everywhere is fiesta... as only the Spanish can FIESTA.


Thursday 30 April 2009

The Comunitat Valenciana is sailing ahead

The waters of the Comunitat Valenciana coastline will be turned into a battlefield this week as the most exciting naval contests will be fought out. As five Level 0 races, the highest racing category, will be setting off from Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

From 30th April until 3rd May, the XII Grau de Castelló-Sant Antoni de Portmany Crossing will be taking place off the coastline of Castellón de la Plana, whereas participants in the VII 222 Mile Lágrimas de Santa Marta Trophy will be setting off from the port of La Vila Joiosa, in a competition that can earn the competitors points for the Official Racing Calendar of the Spanish Royal Sailing Federation for the High Seas Spanish Championship in the Mediterranean Zone and the Spanish Single-Handed and A2 Championship.

And there's even more, because in Valencia, just like every year, the exciting Laser Cup is also getting underway. And over the weekend, all eyes will be on the town of Dénia as it hosts the Spanish Catamaran Cup between 1st and 3rd May, and the Euro Cup 29er Regatta, which will be setting off from the Dénia Royal Sailing Club.


Benidorm Medieval Market

Happy birthday Benidorm! 684 years old next week and to celebrate, the Lords of the Manor are holding 'Ye Olde Medieval Market IX' and all the vassals, serfs, knights and wandering beggars of the village are invited.

Taking place on ye 1st to 3rd of ye merrye month of May, the market will be held in the Elche Park and Paseo de Colon where around 70 market stalls will occupy a specially themed area to give a real flavour of the middle ages.

The following week on 9th May, professional actors will re-enact the presentation of the town's charter in 1325 in front of the Nautical Club on the Paseo de Colon.

The council have big plans for the market and want to make it a much bigger event next year with around 200 stalls, music, and spectacles.


Tuesday 24 March 2009

Ona Sol Hotels in the Goteborg Turism Fair

Last weekend in Goteborg (Sweden), was one of the most important tourism fairs held at European level in which Ona Sol Hotels decided to participate for the first time.
The first two days of the show, the 19th and 20th, were as is usual devoted to the industry professionals '20,000' in total seeking to expand their European knowledge and strengthen their business portfolios. The remainder of the fair was open to all, some 33, 000 visitors passed through the halls eager to find newer and interesting destinations.

In all 103 countries and provinces were represented and a massive 1,900 tourism related business eager to educate all visitors and create new interest in what's on offer in their individual countries, the flag ship of the Community of Valencia region as popular as ever, Benidorm proved to be one of the most visited stands in the fair. Onasol represents one of the major hotel groups in the Benidorm and surrounding areas and didn't miss the opportunity to promote it's comprehensive variety of hotels and packages to a market famous for its eagerness to travel. Due to the unique climatic zone in this part of Northern Europe, studies show that 70% of the population travels at least once a year for their holidays, that's a very significant number of people travelling throughout Europe.

Both our commercial Director Camila Granberg, and Maria José Montiel who is responsible for Tourism within Benidorm itself, were more than happy to highlight to both professionals and the general public the very lively package of events that Benidorm has on offer and has remained famous for through its long and established history.

Source: Ona Sol Hotels

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Fallas in Benidorm

Here you have the programme guide of Fallas for tomorrow and Thursday 19th, Saint Joseph's day.

08:00 – 08:30 h. ''DESPERTÀ'' (everyone will wake up with the sound of firecrackers).
12:00 h. Parade of the three Fallas members around their quarter.
18:30 h. FLOWER OFFERING to the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James with the participation of the three Fallas Commissions that will meet at Av. Europa / Av. Mediterráneo.
ITINERARY: Av. Mediterráneo, Dr. Pérez Lllorca, Martínez Alejos, Virgen del Sufragio, Carmela Martínez, Mayor street and Plaza de San Jaime. There will be a BIG FIREWORK DISPLAY at the end of the offering.

THURSDAY 19TH MARCH: Saint Joseph,s Day
08:00 – 08:30 h. ''DESPERTÀ'' (everyone will wake up with the sound of firecrackers).
12:00 h. Religious service in honour of Saint Joseph.
Falla Els Tolls: Buen Pastor Church.
Falla Rincón: Nuestra Señora del Mar Church.
13:00 h. Religious service in honour of Saint Joseph at Saint James Church. Falla ''Benidorm''.
14:00 h. Splendid ''MASCLETÁ'' (firecrackers sound show) at Plaza de la Hispanidad, ''Rincón de Loix'' (Av.Ametlla de Mar ) and Falla ''Els Tolls'' (Auditorio Julio Iglesias, Aigüera Park).
18:00 h. BIG PARADE OF FLOATS with the participation of the three Fallas Commissions.
ITINERARY: Almendros, Limones, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, Alcoy and Bilbao street.
23:00 h. ''CREMÁ'' (Bonfire) of the children's Fallas: Benidorm, Rincón and Els Tolls.
00:30 h. ''CREMÁ'' of Mayor Falla Rincón de Loix.
01:00 h. ''CREMÁ'' of Mayor Falla Benidorm.
01:30 h. ''CREMÁ'' of Mayor Falla Els Tolls.

Source: HOSBEC / Ona Sol Hotels

Wednesday 4 March 2009

The Davis Cup is to be played in Benidorm

Very few tourist destinations offer visitors quite as much as Benidorm, a city with infinite possibilities. And all thanks to its enviable geographical location and a warm even climate all year round, in addition to an idyllic stretch of coastline for sea lovers and one of the best-regarded ranges of services, restaurants, accommodation and entertainment in the whole of Europe.
Entertainment, relaxation and excitement are just a few of the benefits people associate with Benidorm, a sun kissed city caressed by the Mediterranean sea. Benidorm lives life to the full 365 days a year, day or night, winter or summer.
Enjoy a calming walk along its beautiful beaches; sample its excellent local cuisine; put your skill to the test at any number of water sports or stroll around the charming narrow streets of the old town.
Spectacle and fun are guaranteed for the whole family with all manner of leisure and entertainment possibilities on offer, with theme parks such as Terra Natura and Terra Mítica, which will be turned into a coliseum where the national teams from Spain and Serbia will be battling it out in the first round of the Davis Cup 2009. From 6th to 8th March, don't miss the best rackets in the world and the long-awaited duel between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, against the incredible backdrop of Benidorm.
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23rd 200 mile double-handed race in Altea

Between 6th and 8th March, the waters around Altea, Ibiza and Formentera will be hosting the 23rd 200 mile double-handed race. This winter competition is open to boats over nine metres in length and will earn the competitors points in the Spanish Double-Handed Championship. Each participant will sail to achieve the best qualifying position. The race is set to start at 12 o'clock midday on 6th March, simultaneously for the two routes. Sign up and take part. The top-ranking teams will win silver bars... Incredible!


Tuesday 17 February 2009

Benidorm, host city for the 2009 Davis Cup

Spain's Royal Tennis Federation has selected the city of Benidorm as host for the first round of the 2009 Davis Cup World Group matches, which will see Spain face Serbia in March. The Spanish side for the Davis Cup will be kicking off the first round of championship matches against a Serbian team captained by Novak Djokovic. To be held from 6th to 8th March 2009, the games will be played at a 14,000-capacity venue within the Terra Mítica theme park. The winners of this first round will then go on to face the winners of the Germany versus Austria showdown in a duel that will also take place on Spanish courts.

The choice of Benidorm as the scene for the first round of the Davis Cup's World Group is yet another great triumph for the city and for the Region of Valencia in terms of hosting major sporting events, with Benidorm having already successfully staged the final of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup, the beach football European qualifiers for the World Cup and the Spain versus France under-21s football match.


Monday 26 January 2009

The recent disastrous weather conditions did not affect any of the animals in Terra Natura Benidorm

The animals of the nature park in Benidorm, TERRA NATURA, are all in perfect condition and have not suffered any injury after overcoming the gusts of strong winds that devasted the park's facility and nearby areas. The rapid action of the TERRA NATURA staff guaranteed the security of all the zoological collection of the enclosure without any specimen suffering. All the animals are safe and well, giving thanks also to the magnificent animal installations that are to be found within the complex, being built decisively for their protection.

The strong winds that reached up to 140 kph in some instances have caused material damage to garden areas, shades and wooden structures that are now being analysed and assessed by the responsible of the park, these being rapidly repaired. TERRA NATURA will be opening its doors to the public with total normality within a very short period of time.

The business manager of TERRA NATURA, Mr. Alberto Gaforio, points out that: ''the co-ordination of the park employers, the municipal staff, security and firemen were instrumental in stopping the spread of fire that bordered the complex and, without doubt, would have caused serious damage to our facilities.''

With this in mind, the Directive wish to publicly ''thank the teamwork and great effort of the Park's workers who with their organisation, holding of guard throughout the night, their collaboration with the FCC who supplied lorries with water, provided vigilance and the further avoidance of the fire affecting the facilities of the park.''

Source: Terra Natura