Friday 5 March 2010

High Speed Trains for Benidorm?

The proposed scheme to bring Spain's super fast AVE train from Madrid to Benidorm is gathering momentum. Politicians and officials met earlier this week to thrash out plans to put the station for the super train next to the tram stop at Terra Mitica. Here, it's close enough to the town centre without having to clear a way through the urban environment for new tracks to be laid.

Now the scheme must be approved by two different Government departments in Valencia and Madrid – and there is a 'good feeling' between the two – before finance can be approved and it given the go ahead.

If and when the AVE makes its trip from the capital to Benidorm, it will take a mere 2 hours to cover the long journey, making it more attractive than flying for those who want to go from city centre to city centre. And if you're on holiday in Benidorm, you could take a nice day trip to Madrid!

Source: - Stephen White.