Thursday 26 January 2012

The Low Cost confirms seven new bands such as La Casa Azul and

The IV Low Cost festival in Benidorm, to be held from the 27th to the 29th of July, has confirmed seven new national bands, including Supersubmarina and La Casa Azul.

The organisers of the Low Cost Festival have reported that, as well as the groups La Casa Azul and Supersubmarina others have also confirmed their participation in the fourth edition of the festival, The Right Ons, The New Raemon, Fuel Fandango, Varry Bigott and Brava.

These groups are in addition to those that have already been announced, names such as Ivan Ferreiro, The Swing Murderer, We Are Standard, The Red Room, The Zombie Kids, Bizarre Love Triangle and Second.

In the near future "the first international group names" will be announced. The fourth edition of the Low Cost Festival was presented last week during the International Tourism Fair in Madrid (FITUR).

The festival will take place in the muncipal stadium Guillermo Amor, where it was held last year and was a great success both with the public and critics alike.

Over 2,000 tickets have already been sold for the three days of the festival. During the "limited time" period the price will be maintained at 39.99 euros.

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Benidorm stand receives "Special Mention" award in the International Tourism Fair of

The Benidorm stand at the 32nd edition of the International Tourism Fair, FITUR in Madrid, designed by the head of the town hall Design department, Alejandro Guijarro, was honoured today by the trade fair organising committee with a 'Special Mention' award.

As mentioned by the jury, Benidorm "reuses the irony, as it did two years ago, through the use of a symbolic architecture of the national beach tourism is the "mat", reaching a credible definition of a space that transforms the story in a visual and constructive opportunity".

Similarly, the jury reflects a different stand, striking with a strong brand image, which produces a fun identification of the exposed material and the construction of the stand.

The designer of the stand, Alejandro Guijarro, has collected this certification from the hands of the coordinator of the Architecture department of the Camilo Jose Cela University, Fernando Jerez, who was accompanied by the director of Fitur, Ana Larrañaga, and the jury president, Joseph Manuel Maciñeiras.

The exhibition space,of 135 square metres,ceded free of charge to the town of Benidorm by the Valencian Agency of Tourism, includes a structure built with typical Alicante blinds, "a common and easily recognisable product that builds a volumetric concept whose use is unusual and impacts, " said Guijarro.

A simple display, in principle, however has produced an important visual impact of the thousands of professionals and the general public attending FITUR. The creator of the stand has stressed that in a trade show of its kind "must stand out with a powerful design to be in the spotlight. In an event swamped with different statements and messages, it is imperative to stand out for a differentiated promotional effect. " Finally, the design of the stand has been recognised and, therefore, the work of town hall Design department.

The stand has an area for business meetings with meeting tables, subdivided with their own blinds, storage areas and a bar staffed by by the Touristic Development Centre (CDT) Domingo Devesa of Benidorm. The customer service desk has a perimeter of 30 metres and is divided into different sections for institutions and companies involved.

The furniture, tables and chairs, which have been used in the stand are simple and with the same effect of the wooden slats, which use the same colour as the blinds that make up the stand, while the stools also compliment. As regards lighting, 140 60w bulbs have been used, giving a light performance of 360º.

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Benidorm Low Cost Festival presents its fourth edition at Fitur

The Benidorm Low Cost Festival was presented at Fitur with the aim of attracting more than 60.000 young people during the three days of Festival.

This year, in addition to extending the event to three days, the capacity will also increase from 15,000 to 20,000 spectators at the Ciudad Deportiva "Guillermo Amor", where 60,000 young people will be welcomed on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July.

Nearly 45,000 people attended the Low Cost Festival in 2011 for a 3 day programme of music and thanks to strong investment by the organisation for technical and logistical resources, this has been one of the festivals to receive the best reviews from the media and the public for comfort, facilities, programming and sound.

Moreover, in 2012 the Low Cost Benidorm Festival will be treated as a festival of environmental awareness, joining progressive alternatives to encourage savings in CO2 emissions and the recycling of plastics and other materials using other biodegradables. Other actions are being carried out, design of ecological exchange, creation of green brigades selective recycling, collaboration with car-sharing platforms and reducing by 70% printed materials ceding to the new technologies for divulging and communicating information.

Low Cost Benidorm Festival has increased its media coverage by almost 40%, being one of the festivals with more media impact on national territory. Economic valuation in 2010 exceeded half a million euros, while this assessment in 2011 exceeded 2 million. More than 350 journalists went to Benidorm to cover the Low Cost festival contents.

Low Cost Benidorm Festival takes place on 27th, 28th and 29th of july, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and will also give the chance for those attending to have time to enjoy all the other things that Benidorm offers if they extend their stay.

The dynamics of this year remains the same, as in previous years, and after announcing seven national bands, the Benidorm Low Cost festival will begin in the next few days to reveal its first international names and other activities.

Low Cost Benidorm Festival is presented as an event that not only projects their activities to a loyal repeat public but is also an ambassador of the image of Benidorm to young people, which adds to the profile Benidorm already has and positions itself in the cultural press at a national and international level. Furthermore, the presence of the festival is evident during all the year throughout the social media networks.

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