Thursday 21 January 2010

Benidorm - Lying Low in Madrid

Madrid will see Benidorm in all its colourful glory this month at the Fitur International tourism fair being held there. The Benidorm stand at the fair will be constructed from 400 inflatable bright green, yellow, orange and blue lilos and will be 7 metres high!

To make it even more spectacular it'll be illuminated by fluorescent and halogen lights which will really show off the 19 stalls manned by representatives of the various sectors of the Benidorm tourist industry. It even has a cafe where visitors can relax during a busy day!

During the fair, which lasts from 20th to 24th of January, a group of actors in bathing costumes will defy the freezing temperatures in the main streets and squares of Madrid and give out 5000 lilos - they've all got Benidorm emblazoned across them - to further publicise our favourite holiday resort.

Source: Stephen White (