Wednesday 30 July 2008

Terra Mítica moves to the beat of ''Fama, el musical''

First came the blockbuster movie, then the long-running TV series and now Fama comes to Terra Mítica as a musical. The sensation of the 80's is on stage at the Circus Maximus at 7.30 pm. from Monday to Sunday and at 12 pm. on Saturdays up to 31st August.

After the incredible success of High School Musical, the Benidorm theme park, Terra Mítica, has programmed for August another show with acclaimed success worldwide: Fama, el musical. This means that, this summer, Terra Mítica is offering visitors two top quality shows.

Fame tells the story of a group of students who spend four years studying performing arts. The show deals with the topics facing the youngsters attending the New York High School for the Performing Arts between 1980 and 1984, where their unceasing efforts to make their dreams come true bring out the best in them.

While touching on modern-day issues, the multi-ethnic cast of actors, singers and dancers perform contemporary pop songs, which include the hit Fame, making the musical undoubtedly perfect for a family outing.


Wednesday 23 July 2008

Moors and Christians in La Vila Joiosa

The Moors and Christians festival in La Vila Joiosa in honour of Santa Marta have been declared to be of International Tourist Interest and are very popular with visitors who come to the historical capital of the Marina Baixa region in July. During July, local residents remember the desperate battle and commemorate the miracles attributed to their patron saint, Santa Marta.

2008 sees the 470th anniversary of the attempted invasion by Zalé-Arraez Berber pirates. The attempt failed due to a fierce storm that destroyed the Saracen fleet. Every year, local residents pay their own special tribute to the event with the parades of the Moorish and Christian groups. This year, the Arab army takes to the streets on July 25th in its spectacular finery. The following day sees the Christians counterattack with their spectacular costumes and hypnotic rhythms.

The high spot is undoubtedly the Moorish Landing which takes place in the early hours of July 28th on the Centro beach and consists of a naval battle between Moorish and Christian vessels, after which the participants jump into the water and swim ashore to take the castle, all to the sound of music and unending blunderbuss shots.


Iglesias for Benidorm

As we predicted some while ago, Julio Iglesias will celebrate his 40 years in show business with a Benidorm concert. The crooner will return to the city, where he made his first triumph by winning the 1968 Benidorm Song Contest, on Saturday 16th August.

The town's bull ring is the venue for the concert starting at 22.30 and only 5000 tickets are on sale and cost from 75eur up to 300eur. Other facts and figures that apply are a 24 metre stage, 2 giant high resolution video screens, 150,000 watts of lighting, 60,000 watts of sound, 8 musicians and 3 backing singers.

Now all we want to know is if his sons will join him on stage as was rumoured many months ago?


Tram: If you build it,

They will come. The extension of the new super tram line to Benidorm has been a great success which has way surpassed expectations. Since travellers have been able to travel direct from Benidorm to Alicante without having to change from the old train system to the new tram, passenger use has almost tripled.

In May around 50,000 passengers travelled along the route, in June, when trams were running all month, 131,000 people climbed aboard. And no wonder, the tram is an easy, cheap way to see the coast, resorts like Vila Joyosa, El Campello and the San Juan beach area, as well as to have a day sight-seeing in Alicante.