Tuesday 29 May 2012

Benidorm organises the only night time aquatic festival of electronic music in Spain

Benidorm will host on Saturday 7th of July the only aquatic nightlife Fiesta in the country, 'Neptunalia', which reaches its third edition with the assistance of the Benidorm´s Town Hall and the local businesses platform Ociobal.
A big party that will start at 20:30 hours at Aqua Natura and combine elements such as water, music, light and the night, all for a starting price of 22 euros.

'Neptunalia' will feature performances by DJ Nano, of Matinee team, including J.Louis, Jordi Lights and Vanessa Klein, as well as Sergio Gallegos, DJ Suri, and Aitor Galan, DJ Pive and Santy Mataix, of 'Neptunalia' team, reported the event director, Santi Sanus. The festival features a staging of 100,000 watts of sound, 150,000 watts of lighting, laser evolution, animation, 3D Mapping, Performance and laser Aquatic bolus megatron.

The event, which will last three days, will have parties before and after the main event at Aqua Natura, and is expected to attract over 10,000 people.

Note that 'Neptunalia' has more than 60 official outlets, in addition to its online web portal www.neptunalia.info/es and web www.entradasatualcance.com can buy packs of tickets to the festival+accommodation.

Presentation video:

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Low cost festival closes its line up with 30 bands to perform during its 4th edition

Suede will offer their only concert in Spain. Also performing Placebo, Kasabian, 2Manydjs, The Sounds and Citizens!

The Benidorm Low Cost Festival has now finalised the line up for the 2012 edition. Day tickets are on sale at a promotion price of 35 euro for a limited time. Low Cost has signed up 30 bands this year with what is considered the best starring line up in its history.

The names that most stand out this year are the British group Suede (only concert in Spain during 2012), a band which has just announced the preparation of their  new record, Placebo, Kasabian, 2Manydjs, The Sounds and Citizens, amongst the foreign bands, as well as a cast of national bands lead by names such as  Vetusta Morla, La Casa Azul or Supersubmarina.

The Low Cost will take place on the 27th,28th and 29th July and the location will at the same place again at the sports venue Guillermo Amor in Benidorm.

The first day bands playing will be Suede and The Sounds, 2Manydjs, The Whip, Is Tropical, Iván Ferreiro, Supersubmarina, We Are Standard, Varry Brava, The Right Ons y DJ Coco.

The second day on the stage will be  Placebo, Fanfarlo, Citizens!, Etienne de Crécy, The Zombie Kids, La Casa Azul, Make the Girl Dance, Second, The Columpio Asesino, Fuel Fandango and Anni B Sweet, whilst on the 29th will be  Kasabian, Vetusta Morla, Le Corps Mince de Francoise, Jero Romero, Bigott, Mcenroe, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, La Habitación Roja and The New Raemon.

source: en.visitbenidorm.es
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The Russian tour operator Versa will connect Alicante with St. Petersburg from June to September

Versa, a major Russian travel agencies announced today the launch of a charter line from June to September, linking the airports of Alicante and St. Petersburg. A new that was made ​​public last week to coincide with the workshop 'Spain 2012', organised by Versa in the picturesque village of Repino, where the manager of Visit Benidorm Tourist Board, Yolanda Pickett participated..
Vladimir Dorofeev, responsible for Versa, said that the launch of this new flight to Spain "responds to market needs, making it easier for Russian tourists to take a holiday in the Valencia region and particularly to the resorts of the Costa Blanca". In addition, Dorofeev said that the Costa Blanca "is perfect for family holidays. At present, Versa has connections to Barcelona.

Yolanda Pickett explained that in the 'workshop' organised by Versa participated some 200 agents tourist, including representatives of travel agencies in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities interested in all kinds of information about Spain especially its beaches and culture

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Friday 11 May 2012

Visit Benidorm participates at a Workshop organised by tour operator Versa in Russia

Visit Benidorm Tourist Board will participate in a professional workshop this weekend, organised by Versa a Russian Tour operator, that includes Benidorm in its brochure of holiday packages for the first time this summer, with a direct charter flight from St. Petersburg to Alicante starting on June 1st.
The event will be celebrated in a hotel on the Gulf of Finland Coast 45 kms from St. Petersburg.

The purpose of this weekend event is to present the Spanish product to more than 200 travel agencies invited from St. Petersburg and other northern regions of the country.

Benidorm will particpate with a  presentation that includes a video of Benidorm in Russian and a talk about the resort. This will be  combined with workshops of one to one meetings with the travel agencies. The event has a combination of daily working activities, in which the agencies are going to learn about the destination and leisure nightlife activities including a Spanish party in which assistants will have to wear red clothes and a Russian Ball with traditional Russian dances and costumes. It will all contribute to create an unforgettable environment in which to present our product to potential customers.

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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Presentation of the 16th International Tourism Forum & the 5th Competition of Ideas Pedro Zaragoza

On the18th and 19th of October Benidorm will host a new edition of the International Tourism Forum, for which this sixteenth edition will have as its theme 'Transforming gastronomy into a tourism experience".

The sixteenth edition of the International Tourism Forum of Benidorm launches its 5th Competition of Ideas Pedro Zaragoza: "Savour tourism in Benidorm: creative proposals for gastronomic tourism", with the aim of promoting proposals that encourage creative thinking about development of new forms of gastronomic tourism that contribute to enriching a visitor´s experience in Benidorm.

Download more information on the 5th Competition of Ideas “Pedro Zaragoza”
Participation Rules for the 5th Competition of Ideas "Pedro Zaragoza"

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Monday 7 May 2012

More than 50 technological projects will participate in the Benidorm iWeekend the 25th, 26th and 27th of May

Benidorm hosts a new edition of iWeekend on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May at INVATTUR (Valencian Institute of Tourist Technology), a meeting of Internet professionals and entrepreneurs with the objective of sharing and developping ideas , creating and implementing a new business in 48 hours.

iWeekend previous editions were held in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Seville, and this year its main goal is to create three technology companies during the weekend, particularly valuing one focussed on the tourism sector. 

iWeekend is an initiative where new projects have been born such as AdLemons and PideCita.com, Iristrace, Rifalia, YoNoCocino or Ziudad amongst others, that have accumulated recognition, awards and competitions nationwide.

Source: en.visitbenidorm.es

Friday 4 May 2012

Benidorm chosen as 6th Spanish Destination by tourists in the TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice

In the Ranking of Spanish Destinations, Benidorm occupies the sixth position as voted by travellers worldwide. This is the fourth edition for TripAdvisor's Travellers Choice Destinations Award. TripAdvisor is the world's top travel website and travellers opinion are of great importance to destination. 

This award is in addition to the one recently received by TripAdvisor (2012 Travellers Choice Beach Destinations Awards), in which Benidorm was voted by users as the 2nd Beach Destination in Spain and the 5th in Europe. The difference between one award and the other is that this kind of award compares all destinations within Spain, not just beach destinations but also compares with Spain's most important cities. Visit Benidorm Tourist Board Manager Yolanda Pickett stated "This award is very important to Benidorm as although being sixth in the Ranking, Benidorm is the 1st Summer Beach Destination on the TOP 10 List".