Wednesday 7 August 2013

The “Castell de l’Olla” floods Altea with music and colour

At midnight on Saturday 10 August, Altea becomes a Mediterranean centre of culture. Thousands of people are expected to gather on the beach or take to their boats to watch the "Castell de L'Olla", a fascinating musical firework display.

This is a unique chance to explore this little Costa Blanca paradise and wander around the charming streets in the old quarter, admire the eight kilometres of beaches and unique coves, plus enjoy some delicious local food, such as the famous rice dishes and locally caught fish.

With 27 years of tradition, the firework display combines different art forms and has earned itself a great reputation with local residents and visitors to the Region of Valencia.

By introducing new elements such as dance, the show has become even more attractive, making the beach where "Castell de L'Olla" is held into an idyllic location that captivates everyone with a perfect blend of music, dance and fireworks.


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Thursday 11 July 2013

Floats, music and firework displays in Denia

This week, the Marina Alta region is holding one of its most traditional festivals, the "Festa Major 2013 de Denia", a unique opportunity to explore this great destination and enjoy a festive break. The festival is a lively blend of music, fireworks, children's games and bull running, featuring the traditional "Bous a la Mar" (bulls by the seaside).

This year, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the declaration of "Bous a la Mar" as a Festival of National Tourist Interest, the programme will be featuring other activities such as livestock displays alongside the bull running.

Main Fiestas in Honour of the Holy Blood (July, from 6th to 14th)

DAY OF THE SANTÍSIMA SANG: that is a bankholiday in Dénia and takes place the second wednesday after Sain Peters Day. The Festa Major programme begins the saturday before and ends the next sunday.

The programme includes religious celebrations and other activities such as sports championships, children activities, concerts and much more...
The most traditional activities are:
  • Bous a la mar (Bulls into the Sea), declared National Touristic Interest Fiesta and held twice a day.
  • The procession of the Santísma Sangre on the wednesday.
  • The Agrupación Artístico Musical de Dénia concert held the same day as the Santísima Sangre.
  • The Gala Parade with floats, bands and music, declared of Provincial Touristic Interest Fiesta and taking place the last saturday of the fiesta.
  • The Fireworks as the great culmination of the Fiesta held the last night of celebrations

Thursday 30 May 2013

4th Benidorm Gastronomy Days

IV Gastronomic Days arrive with the help of a large group of restaurants in our city, willing to give the best of themselves during a week, from 3 to 9 June, that promises plus lots of variety, great quality. Gastronomic Days giving significant added value to our traditional tourist products and our complementary selection.

It is in these days of June through the IV Gastronomic Days, when restaurants, with their skilled professionals, will relocate our cusine in a high level. A cusine where the quality of the product, the love and care in the presentation of its dishes are its most visible value. So do not pass up this opportunity that the IV Gastronomic Days presents us and savour “the best of our cusine.”

We offer both visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful days that delight our senses, with a perfect harmony of textures, aromas and flavors along with excellent wine pairings. We want to thank and congratulate everyone who has put forth great
professional effort to make the Gastronomic Days a thriving success.

On behalf of ABRECA we encourage everyone join in the celebration of Gastronomic Week. Buen provecho. 

Download the Brochore of the IV Benidorm Gastronomy Days

Friday 15 March 2013

Fallas in Benidorm

In Benidorm we are in Fiesta; the light, color and fire ... above all the fire,will floods the streets  of our town for a few days. From this hospitable town we invite you to fully live and experience the Fallas, undoubtedly our most internationally known festival.

For five days the castles, monuments and “mascletaes” become the protagonists of Benidorm, where the smell of gunpowder is interspersed with the smell of flowers and the music of the bands with the sound of masclets. A transformation that occurs as a prelude to spring, and on March 19, everything ends and everything begins; with the last of the ashes people start to dream of Fallas again for  the following year.

This excellent Valencian fiesta  takes place in Benidorm from the 14th to March 19th, the festivity of San José.

There are three Fallas Commissions: Falla “Centro”, Falla “Rincón” and Falla “Els Tolls”, which are responsible for creating their Fallas constructions in their respective districts and organise the fiesta. Parades, and flower offering are the most significant events, culminating in the feast day (the 19th) with the "cremá" (burning of the fallas).

The six children’s and adults versions of monuments are burned at different times for people who want to  view all the burnings

The adults version are burned at 00:00h (Falla "Rincón"), 00:30h (Falla "Centro") and 01:00h (Falla "Els Tolls").