Thursday 15 April 2010

Benidorm takes a step towards being declared a tourist municipality

The Spanish Senate on Wednesday gave the green light for a modification of local tax laws which will allow Benidorm to be considered as a tourist municipality.

The Partido Popular proposal was presented by Agustín Almodóbar from Benidorm who had 127 votes in support thanks to the CiU and some senators from the Mixed Group.

There were 120 votes against the idea from the PSOE, PNV and others, while the Canary island group abstained.

To be considered as a tourist municipality a town has to have more than 20,000 population, and the number of second residence or tourist homes has to be greater than that of main residence.

There are currently 21 localities in Spain with the tourist distinction which allows for greater flexibility in shop opening hours and other areas.

Benidorm has been calculated to represent 4% of the total tourism of Spain.