Friday 30 October 2009

Programme for the 2009 Benidorm Fiesta Week!

Fri 6th
18.00, Avenida Martinez Alejos - Ceremony to switch on the iluminations.
23.00, Calle Rufaza - The Big "Penyas" Informal Parade followed by bursting 4000 balloons in the Plaza de los Carrascos and the 'Llapasa' fiesta in Calle Ricardo.
00.30, Plaza de la Constitucion - Blues and Beatles night with Los Insolitos and Against the Odds.

Sat 7th
10:00, MASS at the Church of San Jaime, in honour to the Virgin of the Suffrage, singed by the Barqueta Choir.
11:45, Opening of the doors at San Jaime Church to sing the VERSES IN HONOUR TO THE VIRGIN.
12:00, BELL RINGING followed by a spectacular "AIR BOMBING" from Plaza Castelar, to announce that... THE MAJOR FIESTAS HAVE BEGUN!
MEETING OF MUSIC BANDS in Plaza de SS. MM. los Reyes de España, to perform the piece "FIESTA IN BENIDORM".
17.00, Poniente Beach - Theatrical Performance of the discovery of the Virgin.
18.00, Elche Dove Park - Romeria Procession. When the procession gets to the church there will be a FLOWER OFFERING TO THE VIRGIN followed by the ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FIESTAS at Plaza San Jaime. Afterwards there will be a BIG FIREWORK DISPLAY.
23.00, Plaza Neptuno - Concert by Revival
24.00, Paseo Colon - 'Correfoc' (moving fire and sound show ) fireworks parade round the old town.
24.00, Plaza de los Carrascos - Concert with Jose Bunueco.
24.00, Calle Rufaza (Bar Bahia) - Cuban Fiesta.
24.00, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Live music followed by a 'street battle'.
24.00, Plaza de la Constitucion - Rock Bands festival.
00.30, Calle Moli (La Teteria) - Concert by Felisinponme3cajas.

Sun 8th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call (DESPERTÁ).
11:00, CYCLING RACE at the Av. Vicente Llorca Alós and surroundings (La Cala).
11:30, SOLEMN MASS in honour of the Virgin, at the Church of San Jaime, singed by "Camerata Aitana".
12:00, Children playground in Plaza SS.MM. Los Reyes de España.
14.00, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks (MASCLETÁ).
14.00, Calle Asuncion - Giant Paella.
17.15, Calle Gambo - Concert by the Union Musical de Benidorm.
19.00, Calle Mayor - Solemn Procession to the Plaza San Jaime.
23.00, Plaza de la Constitucion - Live British band.
23.55, Plaza de los Carrascos - Drag Queen Night.
24.00, Calle Gambo - Concert with Owix.
24.00, Calle Asuncion - Beer festival.
24.00, Calle Condestable Zaragoza - 70's Fiesta.
00.30, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Hip Hop festival.
01.00, Calle Asuncion - Dabadaba Fiesta, 60's, 70's, 80's music and fancy dress.
03.00, Calle Asuncion - Beer tournament.

Mon 9th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call (DESPERTÁ).
11:00, Ronald McDonalds performance at Plaza de la Hispanidad.
11:30, SOLEMN MASS at San Jaime´s Church, in honour to Saint James.
12.00, Avenida Bilbao - Stunt motorcycling.
12.30, Avenida Ametlla de Mar - Sardines for all.
14.00, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks (MASCLETÁ).
18.00, Calle Moli - Tapersex 'erotic' party.
19.00, Calle Mayor - Solemn Procession to the Plaza San Jaime.
23.00, Plaza Neptuno - Concert by Revival.
23.30, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks and bangers.
24.00, Via Emilio Ortuno - 25th Anniversary party.
24.00, Calle Gambo - Live music.
24.00, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Flower Power festival. Afterwards BIG "CORREFOC" (moving fire and sound show ) by "ESCURA ELS PLATS", going through the Old Town streets to Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España.

Tue 10th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call.
10:30, SOLEMN REQUIEM MASS at San Jaime Church singed by the Church Choir. Afterwards OFFERING OF FLOWER GARLANDS to the Dead in the Sea at Plaza de la Señoría.
12.30, La Cala - sardines for all.
14.00, Avenida Mediterraneo - Super loud fireworks (MASCLETÁ).
16.30, Calle Tomas Ortuno - Kids' parade (and chocolate for all).
17.00, Town Hall Square - Big Band concert.
19.00, Plaza Neptuno - Fancy Dress parade to the Plaza de la Hispanidad.
23.00, Plaza Neptuno - Live music
24.00, Town Hall Square - Concert by La Madre que los Pario.

Wed 11th
08.00, Plaza Castelar - Super loud fireworks and musical wake up call.
11.00, Town Hall Square - Kids' day with games and performances.
11.00, Plaza Neptuno - Parade around town to the town hall.
18.00, Elche Dove Park - The Big Parade to the Plaza de la Hispanidad followed by the marvellous main fireworks display on Poniente Beach.

Source: / Ona Sol Hotels

Benidorm Fiesta Week

Every year the Benidorm Fiestas are celebrated in November beginning the Friday of the 2nd weekend until the following Wednesday, culminating in a HUGE firework display (In 2009 they begin on Friday 6th).

Officially it’s a celebration honoring the La Virgen del Sufrage and Jaime Apostol, the Patron Saints of Benidorm. The fiesta lasts for 6 days and there is something for everybody from football, live music and fishing competitions to cultural events and religious processions. One particular procession is memorable: a huge flower- filled parade with carriages and costumes through the streets of Benidorm.

The statue of the Virgin is dressed in a golden and blue period costume and carried in procession to the plaza in front of the church of San Jaime.

The streets are decorated with huge flower bouquets and special flower walls are built. There is music everywhere. Street musicians, big brass bands, rock music and classical concerts, midnight Music Concerts in the Large Auditorium in Aigüera Park.
Outdoor theatres in the streets with plays, variety acts, Childrens parties. Puppet shows. Clowns - Flowers - Fireworks - everywhere is fiesta... as only the Spanish can FIESTA.