Wednesday 7 August 2013

The “Castell de l’Olla” floods Altea with music and colour

At midnight on Saturday 10 August, Altea becomes a Mediterranean centre of culture. Thousands of people are expected to gather on the beach or take to their boats to watch the "Castell de L'Olla", a fascinating musical firework display.

This is a unique chance to explore this little Costa Blanca paradise and wander around the charming streets in the old quarter, admire the eight kilometres of beaches and unique coves, plus enjoy some delicious local food, such as the famous rice dishes and locally caught fish.

With 27 years of tradition, the firework display combines different art forms and has earned itself a great reputation with local residents and visitors to the Region of Valencia.

By introducing new elements such as dance, the show has become even more attractive, making the beach where "Castell de L'Olla" is held into an idyllic location that captivates everyone with a perfect blend of music, dance and fireworks.


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