Thursday 16 February 2012

"Risoterapia" by Los Morancos at Benidorm Palace

Next 19th of february Los Morancos returns to Benidorm Palace with a all their humor and art.

The brothers Jorge and Cesar are in the world of art for over twenty years and since then have not stopped doing galas and performances nationwide, delivering laughs and good times. Now land on the Benidorm Palace with Laugh Therapy (Risoterapia).

In times of crisis ... the laughs are good. And this method is applied by The Morancos in his new show. The Morancos are specialists in making you laugh and gives you a good time. With Risoterapia two doctors play, one of the Social Security affected by the cuts and the other has a private clinic and things are going well for him.

A topical issue, the health cuts, seen from a humorous approach that aims to bring the viewer for a while in a state of "no concern" and relaxation, for laughing and relaxing.

Tickets at Benidorm Palace tickets office: 96 585 16 60 (30, 35, 40 euros)