Monday 26 January 2009

The recent disastrous weather conditions did not affect any of the animals in Terra Natura Benidorm

The animals of the nature park in Benidorm, TERRA NATURA, are all in perfect condition and have not suffered any injury after overcoming the gusts of strong winds that devasted the park's facility and nearby areas. The rapid action of the TERRA NATURA staff guaranteed the security of all the zoological collection of the enclosure without any specimen suffering. All the animals are safe and well, giving thanks also to the magnificent animal installations that are to be found within the complex, being built decisively for their protection.

The strong winds that reached up to 140 kph in some instances have caused material damage to garden areas, shades and wooden structures that are now being analysed and assessed by the responsible of the park, these being rapidly repaired. TERRA NATURA will be opening its doors to the public with total normality within a very short period of time.

The business manager of TERRA NATURA, Mr. Alberto Gaforio, points out that: ''the co-ordination of the park employers, the municipal staff, security and firemen were instrumental in stopping the spread of fire that bordered the complex and, without doubt, would have caused serious damage to our facilities.''

With this in mind, the Directive wish to publicly ''thank the teamwork and great effort of the Park's workers who with their organisation, holding of guard throughout the night, their collaboration with the FCC who supplied lorries with water, provided vigilance and the further avoidance of the fire affecting the facilities of the park.''

Source: Terra Natura