Wednesday 23 July 2008

Iglesias for Benidorm

As we predicted some while ago, Julio Iglesias will celebrate his 40 years in show business with a Benidorm concert. The crooner will return to the city, where he made his first triumph by winning the 1968 Benidorm Song Contest, on Saturday 16th August.

The town's bull ring is the venue for the concert starting at 22.30 and only 5000 tickets are on sale and cost from 75eur up to 300eur. Other facts and figures that apply are a 24 metre stage, 2 giant high resolution video screens, 150,000 watts of lighting, 60,000 watts of sound, 8 musicians and 3 backing singers.

Now all we want to know is if his sons will join him on stage as was rumoured many months ago?