Monday 12 May 2008

The Mediatic Festival in La Nucia

The Camilo Cano sports centre in La Nucia is the setting for the Mediatic Festival on 16th - 17th May. The festival is now in its seventh year and has consolidated its position as one of the major Spanish musical events.

Starting at 7pm. on Friday and Saturday, there will be a vigorous succession of performances until 4.30am. No less than 22 performances on Friday and 24 on Saturday, with top acts that include La Fuga, Fangoria, Los Delinquentes, The Waterboys, Loquillo, Hombres G, Celtas Cortos and Siniestro Total.

In addition, from midnight on Saturday the Mediatic Festival will be organising Musica en la Calle (Music in the Street) in premises especially prepared for the festival, with cheap food and drink for all.

The Mediatic Festival is a renowned musical event, as it received the Premio a la Difusion de la Musica (Music Promotion Award) at the VIII Edicion de los Premios de la Musica (8th Annual Music Awards) in 2004 for its defence of and firm commitment to Spanish artist and groups.